Ensure that your guests have a great time and are not tempted to drive when they shouldn’t! We here at Vehicle Valet developed a new twist on valet parking that returns your guests’ vehicles to their homes or hotels so they can enjoy your event, use alternative transportation and avoid DUI. .

How our Hybrid Special Event Service works:

1. The event planner contacts Vehicle Valet at 757-932-0231, visits vehiclevaletva.com, or emails us at info@vehiclevaletva.com a minimum of 2 weeks before the event but preferably before the invitations go out.

2. The event planner and our representative will go over a prearranged questionnaire that includes number of guests, location, start/end time, any special requests, etc.

3. Our representative will then take a deposit of half the agreed upon fee.

4. Once payment is received, our team member will furnish the event planner with numbered cards that will be distributed to the guests. These cards will be distributed to the guests, preferably in the event invitation. The info cards will collect the guest’s Name and where they would like their car to be the next morning.

5. Our management team will then visit the venue to map out the best plan for traffic flow and inspect for any possible problems.

6. On the day of the event, our team will arrive about 30 min early to set up and prepare the area for the most seamless experience possible.

7. When the event starts the event guests will pull up to our valet stand as they would any other valet.

8. One of our fully insured professional drivers will greet the guest, collect their keys, and their info card.

9. The vehicle will then be driven to a pre-arranged holding location still on premises where our team will complete a video walk around inside and out of the vehicle.

10. The vehicle will then be driven to the customer’s requested location.

11. Once arrived the driver will take another video walk around of both the inside and outside of the vehicle.

12. The driver will then be shuttled back to the event with the customer’s keys.

13.Once back at the event the customer’s keys and info card will be put in an envelope with a matching number to the customer’s information card and held by a Vehicle Valet representative.

14. At some point during the event the guest will stop by our table to receive their keys after they sign for them stating that the received them.

15. When through out the event there will be Uber drivers available to drive anyone home in the event of an emergency or they have the need to leave early.

16. When the event is over Vehicle Valet will have a minimum from 5 to 10 Uber’s waiting to start to take people home. There will be Van’s available to take groups to shared destinations such as hotels or night spots if the guests want to keep the party going.

17. Next morning all of the event’s guests wake up to find themselves home safely and without any DUI’s

18. Starting at 8am the next morning the Vehicle Valet team will deliver any unclaimed keys to the location on the customer’s information card.

19. Within one week the event planner will meet with Vehicle Valet to settle the final bill and receive a copy of all of the vehicle video walk arounds for their records.