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Services we offer:

We are fully insured to get vehicles and products where they need to go reliably and professionally.

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What is Vehicle Valet?

Fully insured professional and reliable vehicle delivery, product delivery, and valet service.

Vehicle Valet, LLC is a delivery company born in the automotive service department of a local dealership to save people time and prevent them from altering their daily schedules to handle needed vehicle maintenance. The two most frequent complaints given by customers at vehicle repair facilities are excessive cost and inconvenient service hours. While Vehicle Valet can’t control your repair costs, we can address convenience. We meet our customers at a location of their choosing and drive their vehicle to a location they dictate. Since we have started, Vehicle Valet, LLC has strived to give people and businesses their precious time back. Thats why along with our original vehicle delivery service Vehicle Valet now offers product delivery for businesses. For questions about any of our services, or for any other reason that has you asking what to do with your car, call Vehicle Valet.